Standard of Care and AED Law Compliance Explained
Readiness Systems AED Program Design Guidelines

Our Guideline-Driven Approach

AED owners and program managers typically lack experience setting up and running AED programs. And third-party AED program management information provided to owners and managers is often incomplete or incorrect. Thus, most AED programs are developed and operated on an ad hoc basis. To address this knowledge gap, Readiness Systems developed National AED Program Design Guidelines™ to define reasonable design and performance objectives for all AED program components. This enables AED owners to support their programs with a solid operational readiness and risk management foundation. Readiness Systems utilizes these Guidelines to help ensure clients have thoughtfully designed, operationally ready and risk managed AED programs.

Standard of Care Compliance and AED Law Compliance are Different

The “standard of care” measures the quality of an organization’s AED program components and operations based on a community test of reasonableness. This community test judges:

  • How well an AED program prepares for and performs in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, and;
  • How well an AED program’s policies and actions stand up in court if challenged in a negligence case.

Regarding the relationship between AED laws and the standard of care:

  • Standard of care compliance requirements apply to all AED programs in all states, regardless of the content of a state’s AED laws;
  • AED laws may influence but do not define the standard of care; and
  • Reasonable compliance with AED laws is necessary but not sufficient for full standard of care compliance.

The chart to the right compares broad standard of care (“compliance”) requirements with typical requirements found in AED laws. An AED program’s design, policies and operational systems must address all compliance requirements, not just those found in AED laws.

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The “standard of care” is an extraordinarily nebulous concept always considered in the context of unique factual circumstances. To bring a level of clarity to the concept, Readiness Systems developed the Guidelines to define reasonable design and performance objectives for all public access AED program components so AED programs are judged fairly in relation to their particular situation. In effect, the Guidelines describe a reasonable and dynamic standard of care.

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