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Enterprise-Focused AED Program Consulting and Compliance Services

Readiness Systems is the leading provider of expert consulting and compliance services for AED programs. We simplify the complexities you face in setting up and running your AED program and help you understand and comply with applicable operational and regulatory standards and requirements. We help you put the right people, systems, methods, equipment and policies in place to increase the chances your AED program will respond appropriately when needed and reduce the risks associated with having AEDs.

We help AED owners:

  • Understand and meet the standard of care and properly comply with AED laws
  • Increase the chances that people will act quickly when sudden cardiac arrest strikes
  • Reduce the chances of AED program failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death and lawsuits

Readiness Systems is the nationally recognized authority on AED program operations, compliance and risk management. Whether you manage your own AED program or work with another third-party services company, here are some of the ways we can help.

AED Program Design, Documentation and Compliance Packages

Properly setting up and running an enterprise-wide, multi-state, or multi-national AED program is complicated. Ensuring the right design, policies, people, equipment and systems are in place is essential to support readiness, compliance and risk management goals. Complete documentation is crtical to set reasonable AED program expectations and show your program is thoughtfully designed and operated.

To help organizations meet these objectives, only Readiness Systems offers the following AED program design, documentation and compliance packages. These services and deliverables are unmatched in the industry and are provided by the most trusted name in AED program compliance.

AED Program Design and Documentation Package

Let Readiness Systems Write Your AED Program Documentation
  • AED Program Design Survey
  • AED Program Design Guidelines that define reasonable design and performance goals for all AED program components
  • Complete AED program design for your organization, touching on all AED program components
  • AED Program Operations Manual™ customized to properly document your program design objectives and every aspect of your unique AED program – the most complete, compliant and defensible AED program documentation available
  • AED Law Center access for one-year for one organizational user

Whichever package you select, our Guidelines-driven approach ensures you will accurately understand, and have the tools to properly meet, all AED program compliance, standard of care and AED law requirements.

Our AED design, documentation and compliance packages are priced on a surprisingly reasonable flat-fee basis. Please contact us to get your free quote or schedule a call to explore how your organization can benefit.

Other Services We Offer

Trusted Guidance

Expert advice on AED program standards of care, AED law requirements and optimal operations and risk management strategies. The most authoritative, informed and accurate information about how to properly set up and run an AED program.


Compliant Documentation

Guidelines and AED law compliant, customized and comprehensive administrative and operational policies that properly document every aspect of your unique AED program including reasonable design and performance objectives.


AED Program Audits

An objective and comprehensive review and analysis of your AED program design, operations, personnel, asset tracking, written policies, AED law compliance status, and risk management framework.


Event Reviews

An objective, comprehensive and confidential review and analysis of the operational and policy aspects of incidents involving the retrieval or use of an AED.

Compliance Training

Informed and accurate executive and staff training to ensure a clear understanding of an organization’s AED program operations and compliance framework and requirements.

Public Policy Advocacy

Authoritative advocacy for improved laws that are less complicated, lead to more AEDs and offer real immunity protection.

Legal Support Services

The operational, legal and risk management issues surrounding AED programs are complex. Lawyers advising AED programs or involved in AED-related litigation must consider community expectations (i.e., standards of care), statutes and regulations addressing AED program operations and immunity as well as a host of other issues. And the legal framework surrounding these assessments must be viewed in the context of the client’s unique business and AED program operating environment.

We provide authoritative consulting, advisory and expert witness services to lawyers involved in AED matters. Our years of specialized knowledge about AED programs, law, standards of care and associated legal issues enables us to quickly and reliably prepare legal teams with the information they need to more effectively represent their clients.

If you are an attorney endeavoring to better understand the operational, risk and regulatory framework surrounding AED programs, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our legal support and expert witness services.

Readiness Systems Legal Support Services


Our expert consulting and advisory services are custom-tailored to meet your needs. Projects can range from a brief one-hour phone consultation to more extensive engagements driven by your specific requirements. It all starts with an initial no-cost conversation. We invite you to contact us and welcome the opportunity to explore how we can support your efforts.

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