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What is the AED Law Center?

The AED Law Center™ is a comprehensive online collection of state laws and regulations governing the ownership, deployment and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) placed in non-medical settings. The AED Law Center also includes AED Law Profiles™ explaining the content and meaning of each state’s AED laws. Finally, we now cover ongoing legislative activity occurring in this area of public policy. Newly added to the AED Law Center, AED LegTrack™ identifies and tracks relevant state bills that impact AED programs operating in the United States. We actively monitor legislative activity nationwide and update our tracking database on a daily basis.

These essential subscription resources are only available in the AED Law Center from Readiness Systems.

Who Needs the AED Law Center?

Anyone impacted by or interested in the laws and regulations surrounding automated external defibrilators will benefit from this valuable information resource including:

  • AED Owners
  • AED Program Managers
  • AED Manufacturers and Distributors
  • CPR/AED Training Organizations
  • Insurers
  • Policymakers and Regulators
  • Law Firms
  • Media

Why the AED Law Center?

The AED Law Center is the essential knowledge resource for AED owners and the organizations that support them. Only the AED Law Center offers reliable and actionable information about how state AED laws impact AED program operations and create or mitigate liability risk. You’ll get an accurate and complete understanding of your state’s AED laws so you can ensure regulatory compliance, avoid administrative sanctions and preserve any available Good Samaritan immunity protections.


Only the AED Law Center contains full versions of AED laws (statutes and regulations) for every state, authoritative AED Law Profiles™ that analyze and explain the scope and content of each state’s laws and ongoing AED legislation tracking. You may find so-called free AED law information on the open internet. But beware, these sites offer information that is notoriously incomplete, inaccurate and unreliable.


Subscriptions Include the AED Law Center + AED LegTrack
  • AED Law Center: This combination plan includes full access to all content listed in the AED Law Center subscription . . .
  • PLUS

  • AED LegTrack: Access to the content and status of state AED legislation currently pending throughout the U.S.
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  • Multi-User Subscription: Discounted multi-seat subscriptions are available for larger organizations.
  • Partner Subscription: An organizational subscription option available to AED manufacturers, distributors, training organizations and others that want to provide AED Law Center  access to their customers.
  • Data Feed License: A data-feed license available to organizations that want to display AED Law Center information on their own websites.
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